Anchor Industries

1T Titan C/B 3m Lift
3.2T Titan Tuff L/H 3m Lift
1.6T Titan Tuff L/H 3m Lift
1T Titan Tuff C/B 3m
Lever Load Binders
Load Binders Rachet
Load Rachets Only
Load Strap & Ratchet (SET)
2m x 3leg x 7mm Chain Sling Eye Hooks
2.12T x 2leg x 15m Chain Legs Clevis
7mm Eye Type Self Hooks
2T Titan Tuff C/B 3m Lift
1T Vertical Plate Grab
800kg Tirfor
1T Beam Trolley  
3 Ton Titan L/H 3m
2 Ton Titan C/B 3m
Turnbuckles Eye/hook
Universal Safety Latch
Lifting Equipment
Lever Hoists - All different tonnages
Chain Blocks - All different tonnages
Load Binders
Plate Grabs
Safety Latches
Chani Slings - made to Specs
Steel Wire Rope Slings - made to specs